The Photographer

Why do we do it?  Why do we go out of our way to get that image that no one else has captured.  What drives us to go to whatever ends to get the perfect image.  There's no one answer as it could be for monetary gain and we in our profession certainly need that.  Beyond that, I think we want to show the public what we saw, sharing not only our feelings but what what was happening the very moment we released the shutter.  We want the viewer to feel the color and light we saw.   We want the viewer to feel the same way we did when we made the photograph.  To live vicariously through our images. 

Hard to do in most cases as they weren't there with you on the long drives, hikes, flat tires or crappy weather to get the image.  These thing make interesting back stories but are not as important as the the image itself which should tell the story.  What drives you to make photographs?  Are you disappointed if the viewer does not see what you were trying to show them.  Finally what can you do to tell the story?