The Basin

Recently I drove up to Rainbow Basin just outside Barstow.  I'm very familiar with the area but never took the time to go and explore as I would always have some other destination in mind or I didn't think it would be too interesting.  I was wrong.  The Rainbow Basin is colorful beyond words showcasing what erosion and water can do over millions of years.  It can push you around visually and haunt your thoughts long after you leave.  The basin truly had an affect on me bringing feelings out of wonder and dread at the same time.  Dead hills have fallen over in extreme slow motion revealing the strata that built it.  Hoodoos stand fifty feet high.  One section takes on the appearance of a mighty fortress long abandoned. 

At first glance, I didn't know how to tackle this basin as the size is daunting.  I walked and drove for hours until I came to my shooting solution.  This time it would be detail.  Next time it will be larger more sweeping images.  I'm not done with this area by a long shot.  Hopefully, I will be able to translate to you the viewer how it feels to be there.